Fallen Angels Do

Rise from the Flames

"Know that men call you liar!!!Know that men call you Heretic!! Know that you shall feel my wraith!! Know that you shall be Punished...."Azreal
Long ago, I picked up a comic book that fascinated me. The book was about a certain warrior. This warrior had been a regular person. Raised by his father, this warrior has been subconsciously trained to be an assasin. As I continued reading, the book introduced me to the Order Of ST. Dumas. A Order who was an offshot of the legendary Knights Templar. The name of this warrior was Azreal. Trained by the dwarf Nomoz, he was to kill those who had crossed the Order. Instead he went againest it, and in doing so destroyed it. Now he must find his own destiny. I started my collection, getting as many comics as I could. Azreal has had to face the Order, it's madness, his own replacement, as well as Vampires, Werewolves and the man that destroyed Batman...Bane.
AZREAL-According to the Koran and Mohammadian mythology, Azreal is one of the four archangels. The Christian faith does not achknowledge the angel. Azreal is said to have four faces, one on each side of his head, representing the four kings of the Apocaplspe. In the end, he will be the last angel to die, on the second blow of the angel's horn. Azreal is a angel of vengence, and is thought to have been the one who destroyed Sodom and Gammora. It is said that in the end, those who are saved will be carried to heaven in a silk handerchief, while the damned will be taken in a rotten bag.
(updated-4-15-98) Okey dokey, am back up to par now..I got the Azreal and Ash comic AND the new Azreal comic..the Azreal comic is below.
My collection is not quite done but I will list the ones I do have. If you know where to get the ones I am missing let me know.
Sword of Azreal-1,3,4
Batman:KnightsEnd-All issues
Batman:KnightQuest-All issues
Azreal-1-33(with the exceptions of Angel in Flames pt 1 and the Contagion storyline)

AZREAL 42-In this issue, we meet the beautiful Madam Macarena(????????). She owns a island called EDEN. Our Hero is taken to the island along with two friends. Once there, they are drugged and Jean Paul, because of his raising, the drug has no effect on him. He discovers that Madam is experimenting with a drug that induces pleasure..then pain. Azreal destroys the operation, leaving with his friends and leaving the Madam behind, and says no to her asking of staying and enjoying the drug and pleasure. Side note..-In in a letter..we find out ole LUC is back and Brian doesnt like it since he brought friends this time...
AZREAL-The original Azreal Homepage
The Dark Side-Has great things about the Azreal comics and a total listing and directory to the comics
Azreal's Celestial Temple-For the DEDICATED FAN!!!!
The Sword of Azreal

I feel my other coming alive...It feels good..

Azreal, Batman, Robin, NightWing and all other DC characters are used without Dc permisson and am hoping that they wont sue me. These characters are property of Detective Comics.

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