Well, I actually made a X-men homepage...I dont know if I am going crazy, bored or what. But since I am making this at 1:30 in the morning..I will settle for the later. I am already the former. Anyway..I am not making this to win any awards or anything. This is just for me so that I dont take up so much room on my other comics page. I figured this would be the best way to do it anyway. (btw: I love the pic that I found) Ok..now that that is said and done..time for the links so that I will have some cool places to go to.
X-men:(the ones with stars are real good pages)
The X-master's Page****(has good graphics and up to date news)
The X****(excellent graphics and up to date too)
The Unoffical X-men index***(keeps me straight on the timelines)
The Uncanny X Page****
Gina's Xmen Home Page
Jeff's Page of X-Stuff(another good page with graphics and such)
Cannonball9's X-Men Page (excellent page with the pics and things I need
Mania's X-Men Issue GuideMania'a ok guide to the X-men comics
The Mutant Underground (a good page from the Mutant Underground..good info>
Mutatis Mutandis

Planet X
The Uncanny X-Men Domain
The Uncanny X-Universe
The Unofficial Handbook to the X-Men Universe
The X-Comics Page
X-master's Home Page
The X-Men Briefing Room
X-Men and More Page!

The Onslaught War Journals
The Onslaught Protocals
The Onslaught index

Dedicated to the Alternate X timeline
The Legacy Virus Info Page
X-Men - Mutant Minorities

Xavier Files
The Xavier Files!
Xavier's Playpen
Xavier Protocols