This is the page of the clan known as WORLD WARRIOR. We play both Quake...and Shadow Warrior. Most of the time we can be found on Heat and Ten. We are of the same dream..the same mind. We are an Offical Shadow Warrior Clan, eventhough some of us fight on Hexen, Hexen II , Quake 2 and Descent. We fight as a team...each person complimenting each other with skill. For example..Lone Wolf is what is known as a runner. A runner is one who runs around, hiding and booby trapping certain places and never staying in one spot. He is matched with DarkWang. DarkWang is a player who is known as a camper. A camper is very much like a sniper. He stays in one spot and waits for the enemy to pass him by. He has had many kills this way.
We play other clans...our latest was againest one in Shadow Warrior. We played them...using a LAN network. We were able to play 4 on 4. We won...16 kills to 5. LW and Heaven's Demon having the most kills.

The Instinct played on Heat last night...destroying a competitor 12 kills to 0. The Instinct feels as if it was an uneven match...but is a victory nonetheless...that's honor for you. But on the other side of the spectrum...Heaven's Demon played on Ten last night..AND GOT THE HELL beat out of him... from what we were told...teams didnt work out very well for him..and he got the living hell...kicked out of him. (hehehehehehe) Well..that is all for now...weekend is coming up and we are going to team up on each other...and see what happens...maybe when we get back...we might have a new look..and some new members..
(4-15-98) The World Warrior page is least the clan part is for is going into frames and will have a bio for those who are apart of hang on for the ride..
(4-16-98) This page has moved HERE. This is a frames version and makes it easier to find the info that you need...all updates will be there for this page.


Lone Wolf(aka The Instinct)He plays alot on Heat...though lately has not been in action due to
his martial arts training. He also plays on Quake, and Descent. In Quake, he is seen wearing the Brandon Lee
Crow skin, or the Crow/Sting skin. In Descent, he pilots the Death Angel, and his favorite weapon are the quad

Azreal-Known as a runner, he teams up many times with Heaven's Demon. Naming himself after the
ange of death, he has taken many heads to add to his collection. He also plays on Quake, and is ussually
seen in there at the same time as LW. He does not use many skins, but his favorite is Barney Rubble.

DarkWang-Ussually called The Dark, he teams up with LW to act as a sniper and cover his teammate.
Extremely loyal, he fights with LW in RL as his spar partner. He plays on Ten alot, and knows many there.
His favorite color for Wang is GREY, his favorite weapon...either the Grenade Launcher. His favorite saying..
"You not good with hands...try DICK!!!"

Heaven's Demon-Also plays on Ten, he is in the Ten gaming room more than anyother.  Known for
his kamizake attacks, he is a force to reckon with. His favorite color is RED, and teams many times
for tag team, since he enjoys that the most. His favorite weapons are the Stickies, Nuke and the Sword.
His favorite attack is the respawn kill, and the respawn sword up the rear attack. Favorite saying...
"Sword..that a personal Weapon..."

Whistling Death-He plays on Quake many times, he is known as Whistling death, because when he is near
to a kill, he uses his RTS file to whistle the tune of the Jaws theme. He uses a Barney the dinosaur skin, or
a chamelon skin, which he uses to hide in rooms. His favorite move...the Rocket Jump a la Barney.

Links to Where we play

QuakeWorld-Whistling's favorite place to fight and die
Ten's gaming arena
Heat's gaming arena

Links to Places to prepare us

Wang's Dojo
Shadow Warrior's main page
The World of Shadow Warrior

Sword...that a personal weapon..