We each define warriors differently. We each have our own way to fight. Words, Swords, weapons, the pen. These are what make us...these are what ties us into one destiny....The Warrior's Dream. We each strive to perfect no only our bodies, but our souls as well. Each of us have fought on the battle field. Each of us have fought for different reasons. To perfect ourselves we follow different paths..but they all converge in the same wood.... vengence, the love of a woman, justice. This is who we are...

Welcome to the WORLD WARRIOR HOMEPAGE. Here you will find those who are of the same dream as I. We all have the spirit of the Warrior in us some how..some way. We all have the dream of becoming a warrior, or a hero to someone. If not..then you have yet to figure that out. A childe's laugh, to warm the soul...to give you something to think about...this is what this page is for..to find something to fight for...to see if something is there...worth fighting for...honor...the fight...perfection.
We have new members...KKLOWN, RENEGADE, and SHADOW SPICE. Heat is talking with us...we have a mech warrior clan up now...and more and more are starting to join the webring...thanks to all

Lone Wolf-Leader of the Clan, plays on TEN and HEAT and does the martial arts 24 hrs a day

Warrior's Dream-Another martial artist who shares the same dream as LW

Azreal-Naming himself after the jewish angel of death, he fights to become the best.

DarkWang-Seen on Ten many times, he has joined to live the dream, over and over and over.

Heaven's Demon-A friend of DarkWang, who was apart of a Shadow Warrior clan and came with him.

Whistling Death-Many times thought of as a jester, he spars with Lone Wolf in real life.

Sword Dancer-A self proclaimed kitana master, he has fought with Lone Wolf in tournaments, ussually on
the team that Lone Wolf has.

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Lone Wolf

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