Sometimes when your hopes have all been shattered And there's nowhere to turn You wonder how you keep going Think of all the things that really mattered And the chances you've earned The fire in your heart is growing You can fly, if you try leaving the past behind Heaven only knows what you might find Dare - dare to believe you can survive You hold the future in your hand Dare - dare to keep all of your dreams alive It's time to take a stand And you can win, if you dare Everybody's trying to break your spirit Keeping you down Seems like it's been forever But there's another voice if you'll just hear it Saying it's the last round Looks like it's now or never Out of the darkness you stumble into the light Fighting for the things you know are right Dare - dare to believe you can survive The power is there at your command Dare - dare to keep all of your dreams alive It's time to take a stand And you can win, if you dare Dare - dare to believe you can survive You hold the future in your hand Dare - dare to keep all of your dreams alive The power is there at your command Dare - dare to keep all your love alive Dare to be all you can be Dare - 'cause there is a place where dreams survive And it's calling you on to victory
Those who have died in the battle, have been honored....and I have been forgiven. I have defeated many opponents, both in video games and in tournaments. I will not mention those that I have defeated in tournaments, to preserve their honor. But to those I have beaten with the video games....come and get some.
I always thought that the light should win, no matter the cost or how many the quarters. No matter what game I played, I dont know how I did it, but I always found the hero of the story. To me, to beat a human opponent on the game, is not to beat the true evil behind the game. You had to beat the computer to win the day, and destroy the evil. For now...I am done with the games...and I will rest. Below are the games I have beaten and if need be...with who...
Mortal Kombat 1-Scorpion and Lui Kang. I always liked the Mortal Kombat series in that it is a true fight. Each fighter has it's own destiny to be there...that appeals to me.
Mortal Kombat 2-Scorpion-I didnt really like this game. The characters were too cheap and Scorpion became something he shouldnt have been.
Mortal Kombat 3-NightWolf, Scorpion, Liu Kang- This was my favorite, though Scorpion should have known peace by now. NightWolf was a fun character and had the best fatality in my opion. Liu Kang was always the hero, even when I first choose him in the MK1, but he doesnt support my attitude like Scorpion.
Killer Instinct-I always played the hero. In this one it was Jago. I liked him, and his moves. His purpose was the most true. To destroy the evil in the Tournament.
Killer Instinct 2-Jago was angrier in this one, and I liked that. His anger of betrayal fit most of the mood I was in when I played the game. The dragon fireball he did I called feel the rage...I believe it fit. The only way to beat this to beat all the characters, but do it in white, so that when you play Jago, he is in black. Good and evil fight, and use the dragon fireball to destroy the evil. Kill Fulgore anyway you like, but do not kill any of the other have to think like Jago did. But to defeat Gargos, you have to assume the rage of the betrayal and destroy Gargos with a ULTRA.
The Street Fighter series....I have beaten all of them..including the first one where it all began. I beat Sagat, just like the story, with Ryu and the dragon punch. Street Fighter Alpha and Alpha 2 I switched among characters. I first beat it with RYU, enjoying his was so fitting. Then Ken's because his was simuliar to mine. I beat Akuma with Ryu, just as bison was beaten with Ryu. The same in Alpha 2. I also used Guy. I have always beaten Akuma, in anyway..destroying him with the fireball or super uppercut. X-men vs Street Fighter, was the closest I came to destroying him. With Ken and Ryu, I took on Bison and Akuma. Bison was destroyed with the double fireball, and Akuma was hit with a superfireball and the dragon uppercut by Ken and Ryu, then to finish it, a double fireball. In my opinion..he died that day. Street Fighter 2, turbo and Turbo 2 I defeated with Ken and Ryu. Turbo 2 marked the true end of Akuma with Ken and Ryu using their supers to finish him. Street Fighter 3, I used Ryu and finished Gill with the Super Uppercut.
I have been a fan of many games, these I have all beaten. Aliens vs Predator, Aliens, Area 51, Tekken 2, Ninja Gaiden 1,3. Many Nintendo games, and Super Nintendo Games, Heretic, Hexen, Duke Nukem, X-Men COTA. Keep fighting the good fight.