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Azreal #1:Fallen Angel pt.1

This one starts out with our hero fighting a hallucination of Batman. Azreal is still in his AZ bat costume except this time he beats Batman. In reality, Jean Paul is beating up a guy who wanted his shoes. We are also introduced to Brian Byran. Brian is a failed psychologist. They talk a little and we find out about Jean Paul. He reveals to Brian that he was once Batman. Brian doesnt belive him, but does believe him about the avenging angel.?HUH? They then make their way to a homeless house. Brian suggest that the flames that our hero was seeing was a hallucination, and should be ignored. Jean Paul nods ok and goes up to sleep. The same guys that Jean Paul beat up come back and burn down the house. Jean Paul is convinced that it is a dream and ignores it, while everyone leaves because the house is aflame.

Azreal #2:Fallen Angel pt.2

Last issue we left our hero in a burning building. We find out that Batman, feeling guilty has come to find JP. He soon arrives on the scene of the burning house. He is told that JP is still inside. Inside the house, JP's other Azreal comes alive and saves him and he crawls to the roof only to find Batman waiting on him. JP and Batman have a talk in which Batman tells JP to confront the Order and find out about himself. He gives him his costume, money and a way to talk to ORACLE. He goes and picks up Brian and they head to the ICE CATHEDRAL. Once there, they are taken by a band of Order members that have orders to intercept them. Azreal defeats them only to find himself helping Brian up a cliff. Brian had gone after a bottle of wine. Azreal helps him up, only for Brian to be knocked unconscous by his replacement. This replacement had been in death fights and given the same training as he had. That and he had killed all the other contenders.

Azreal #3:Fallen Angel pt.3

With the replacement Azreal looming over JP, the replacement throws his sword down at JP. He falls to the bottom only to find it is not so deep. He looks around to find steps carved in ice. He follows them to a huge door. He opens it to only be attacked by two creatures. He kills them and meets their maker. Continueing on, JP soon meets Sister Lilthy. Hidden in a hood, she offers to tend to Azreal's wounds, only to be interrupted by Brother Rollo. Brother Rollo takes JP and they talk about what brought him here. When JP asks about the system, Rollo becomes mad and storms off to pray. Lilthy overhears the conversation and offers the information he seeks if he will kill Rollo. JP agrees only to find that Rollo isnt praying, he has been replaced by the replacement Azreal.

Azreal #4:Fallen Angel pt.4

Azreal fights the replacement and seemingly kills him by not pulling him up when he fell. It is revealed that he only has superhuman strenght in battle. Lilthy confronts him and they escape, stopping to get Brian. They try to get to a hovercraft only to have it being guarded. Azreal dupes them into destroying the hovercraft to make them think they are dead. Lilthy shows them a secret passage and they leave falling into a big black hole, followed by armed Acolytes.

Azreal #5:Fallen Angel pt. 5

Sliding to a stop, they come to a stream. They encounter a dwarf and defeat him. Taking the boat and destroying the other they escape to the outside. Lilthy is awed by how big the world is. She then explains that the system is taught in Africa, which is also close to the place controlled by RA AS GHUL. They take a plane and soon land in a village near the palace of Ghul. There they encounter men sent by RA As Ghul, who discovered they were coming. JP is beaten, and Brian and Lilthy are kidnapped. JP puts on his outfit and catches a ride on the van. They soon arrive at the place and Azreal defeats the men. When he turns around..guess who is there watching?

Azreal #6:Fallen Angel pt.6

Azreal and his friends are taken to the palace to rest before their journey. During this time, Lilthy learns what she looks like, and Azreal is attacked as a test to see if he is worthy of marrying Talia. In the fight, Brian is killed. Ra as Ghul takes him to the Lazarus Pit where he is healed. Brian also looses his thirst for alchol. They continue to rest, and JP refuses the offer to marry Talia. They continue on to their journey.

Azreal #7:Fallen Angel pt.7

Azreal #8:Angel at Large

Azreal #9:Angel on the Run


Azreal #11:Angel Rising pt.1

Azreal #12:Angel Rising pt.2

Azreal #13:Demon Time pt.1

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Azreal #15: Contagion Storyline

Azreal #16: Contagion Storyline

Azreal #17: Angel in flames pt.1

Azreal #18: Angel in flames pt.2

Azreal #19: Angel in flames pt.3

Azreal #20: Angel in flames pt.4

Azreal #21: Angel in Hiding pt.1

Azreal #22: Angel in Hiding pt.2

Azreal #23: Angel in Hiding pt.3

Azreal #24:Angel at War pt.1

Azreal #25:Angel at War pt.2

Azreal #26:Angel at War pt.3

Azreal #27:Angel Insane pt.1

Azreal #28:Angel Insane pt.2

Azreal #29:Angel Errant pt.1

Azreal #30:Angel Errant pt.2

Azreal #31:Angel and the Monster Maker pt.1

Azreal #32:Angel and the Monster Maker pt.2

Azreal #33:Angel and the Monster Maker pt.3

Azreal #34:GENESIS crossover

Azreal #35:The Angel and the Hitman

Azreal #36:Azreal and Bane pt.1

Azreal #37:Azreal and Bane pt.2

Azreal #38:Azreal and Bane pt.3

Azreal and Nomoz are now the prisoners of Bane. Injected with the Venom drug, Bane laughs telling Azreal that he will be his slave. Nomoz taunts Bane into giving him the drug. Bane does so and after he leaves Nomoz frees them. Azreal and Bane fight only to be interupted when the ship hits the rocks. They are thrown into the water, and Nomoz is lost. Bane taunts Azreal into following him up the wall. Azreal remembering his swear goes after Bane. At the top he fights 8 soldiers and then is captured again by Bane. Bane uses Azreal to be a commercial telling the General, that Azreal is full of venom and destroyed 8 soldiers. Bane then ties Azreal up and hangs him over the cliff. Azreal is then told that he will want to do anything for Venom. Azreal refuses again...

Azreal #39:Azreal and Bane pt.4

Azreal and Bane are talking. Bane says to get more of Venom, he will have to kill Nomoz. Bane releases Azreal only to have Azreal beat the troops and grabbing Nomoz, leaps off the cliff. Azreal and Nomoz surives with Azreal having taken the Venom that Bane promised to give him. It shows Azreal fighting the drug. He breaks the needle so that he can have any. It then shows Jean Paul suffering and Batman explaining the effects of not having the Venom. It also shows Batman and Alfred worried about him being addicted. Back with JP, it shows him suffering. Nomoz tells Azreal that Azreal does not whimper. Jean Paul says nothing, but starts cursing his father. Nomoz accuses him of being a slave. Jean Paul says he has no right since that is what Nomoz is. Azreal and Nomoz are then hunted down by troops, Bane sent. Azreal dispatches them and taking their boat. They find a ship only to turn away. Azreal remembers his promise to Batman. It shows Azreal remembering his past battle, saying that he has no weapon to fight him....or does he? Azreal confronts Bane telling him that he is thankful. Bane has given him venom, which will help him destroy Bane. Bane and Azreal fight. The whole time Azreal is taunting Bane to take the drug because he is weak. Azreal throws him the satchel of Venom. When Bane reaches for it, Azreal hurles himself and Bane off the cliff. At the bottom, Bane rises behind the exhausted Azreal. With one last punch, Azreal knocks out Bane. Azreal passes out only to awaken to find that Nomoz has dragged them both to land. Nomoz says he will secure Bane. Jean Paul says that it was a real victory, because it wasn not Azreal that beat Bane, it was Jean Paul Valley. It is a victory that has made him whole.