I play many roles in my chatting rooms. Garet Jax....Shatterstar...Lone Wolf...Darkchilde... and now Daniel and myself.Each one is a part of me in a way or the other.

Garet Jax is a character from the Terry Brooks series The Wishsong of Shannara. In it, he is a weapons master. The best there ever will be. He has yet to find his challenge and seeks it. In the end he finds it in the form of a evil creature called the Jachyla...Garet kills the creature, but dies himself...later in the series when the land is totally freed of the evil..Garet soul's is freed and released. In my version, he was released but returned to his body. He continues traveling and is great friends with Lone Wolf. They go on many adventures. He keeps in contact with the others in the Shannara clan and continues to perfect himself. He has been in a battle lately where he fought another like himself to a stand still. He now wonders who this person is.

Shatterstar is the warrior born from the X-force comic books....a Great character...I love what they have done with him.. He was born to be a warrior...and he lives that role..but the question that suits him best is that of if you are to be the best at fighting...what cost is it to your soul? Lately he has been fighting along side Jago in the Rivendell. He has learned many things from the warrior monk and has continued to fight. He is planning on portaling back to Mojo World and fullfilling his destiny.
Jago is from the Killer Instinct game. He has destroyed Fulgore and now seeks to perfect himself in the martial arts. He seeks his sister Orchid and travels alot now often pairing with Shatterstar. Lately he found traces of a robot cyborg that is rumored to be the new Fulgore...and it is looking for his sister Orchid.
SCOTT THUNDEREAGLE- Yeah it is my real name...and I wanted to see how it would fit in the world of RPGing. I made him in my image...except he rides a harley...and uses a spinner cannon...and fights the undead...and it is very interesting. According to the storyline, Lone Wolf was split in loves and became two...one side...the ghost of Lone Wolf...the other Thundereagle. ThunderEagle went and lived with Mystery...while Lone Wolf went off with Gabrielle. ThunderEagle went off to train and left her only to return soon.
DANIEL LLANSO- If you have ever read the SPAWN comics then you know who I am talking about. Daniel is the spawn from the CURSE of the SPAWN comics. Daniel is one of the more darker characters I use. I mean...he is a hellspawn for crying out loud. Daniel's world is a world where the apocalapse has already come and the world is now cursed earth. Demons now rule the world as well as the Anti-Pope. The anti-pope is the leader of the demons and Daniel has to fight off him and the demons. The reason I picked him is not only because I the possibilities..but also where I role-play...the people are into such things and I believe this is where this place is heading so Daniel should fit right in.

The newest character I have added is Ninja Gaiden. He is a ronin ninja. He has no master, and fights for no reason. Or at least that is what he tells you. He does not work for money, but for the sport. He wears all black, skin tight clothing. He was a kitana strapped to his back, and a backpack that carries his tools of the trade and clothing to hide and disguise himself in. He does not show his face, and always stays in street clothes until needed so that he looks like just a regular warrior with a sword. He wears some chain mail over his right arm for protection.

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