Tis true..for this generation is a wicked generation..for it calls upon the darkness..and recieves pain as it's pleasure(luke 12:29)
Do you have the instinct? Do you have the guts to fight in mortal kombat? You tell me yes, but do you really....could you really? This world around us destroys itself, and makes us see that you must kill in order to survive....Maybe so....but I do not believe this.....only fight the true warriors...for arm chair warriors often fail....only fight those of the dream. Those who seek fame in your defeat are not worth the blade of the sword, for you will only soil the blood of a fool. Seek out the ones who possess the instinct....those who would fight in mortal kombat...those of the dream. A master once said to a young pupil, to defeat a enemy, one must not kill him, but master yourself. To defeat an opponent is enough, to kill is to dishonor yourself.
I seek and I find not a world of knowledge..but a world of hate, and sex. Those I see around me are nothing more than demons in a sexual bliss. I look here and I must stay blind or I find what I thought was good..but under is evil..pure and simple. This Sodom and Gamorra is one that will fall to God's wraith and to the horsemen of the apocolpse...I feel no sympathy except for those that I have found pure in heart and mind. Even if I must die..for my sins... I will not be held back and allow a wrongful justice to be given to them...no...the justice is for the world..not the innocent...for fear is for the enemy.fear and bullets....fear...and a fiery sword..

Rage is not an evil thing...it is a thing that can be so pure..you can live off of it. There are many sources of rage...love..denial...madness...a bloodlust they are all sources of rage...this rage can make you feel invincible...it can lift you into the heavens...and if you use it right...it can destroy hell... but there are those who would use it for the evil it was meant to be...these are the ones to fight...and to know...who your enemy is.
To those who live on the edge, I ask of thee to stay on the edge. For that is what destroys you..yet saves you. I see the gothicites...they know of the edge..many have been destroyed by avengeing angels..for they went over the edge..but for those still alive..here is the gathering..now is the time.
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Below, is a legend. A legend of love and gothic justice. Love will never, just as will good. Evil will never prevail in this world. Love will always be there..one must just look for it.
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