These are a continuation of the poems from the thoughts of a warrior page...these are by some of my favorite them then think about them....
These are by James O Barr...


A year ago..a cold October night...
A broken down car on a dirt road...
A man...A girl...Madness...Pain...And the Shadows..
My God....the Shadows...


He screams and screams and pounds his head
Againest the wall until wailing phantom firetrucks
Pace across his vison.

Pain. Pain is all he wants.
And hate. Yes Hate
We shall never forget and never fogive
And never ever be the fear
Fear is for the enemy
Fear and Bullets


The tides of sin draw tighter and brighter
the hours become heavier and weighted
and the shadows smile dark and wild
this is when hope and desire collapse
the arc ofthe dram descends into despair
when the innocent lovers dance
like angels on fire
this is when the night comes down
a hammer on the anvil
and the only abosolution accepted
is a l;egacy of brtality
a single note rings on and on and on


Here dwells a snake one thousand lies long
coiled one thoughsand miles deep
eyes like candy, it has eyes like candy
hard an blue but soft as kittens feet
out of sight or in the element of light
it could be a devil it could be an angel
with spiders inside a vision of hell
its spine is a vertical scream
slow as concrete blurred as a dream
it spins around and down on a axis of atrocity
fueled by inertia, depth radius and belocity
it's soul-a twisted wreckage of despair and pain
and the spiders inside are just praying for rain
killing time..killing time
and praying for rain
one thousand miles deep


My kitten walks on velvet feet
and makes no sound at all;
and in the doorway nightly sits
to watch the darknes fall
I think he loves the lady, night
and feels akin to her
Whose footsteps are as still as his,
whose touch as soft as fur.

Lois Weakley McKay

Ordinary Nocturne

One breath tears operatic rents in these partitions
Destroys the pivots of eroded roofs
Dispels the limits of the hearth,
Make Casements disappear.

Along the vine I came,
Using a gargoyle as a footrest,
And into this carriage which shows its age
In convex widowpanes, in rounded panels
In torurous upholstery.

Hearse of my lonely sleep,
shepards cart of my stupidity...
The vehicle spins on the grass of an overgrown highway
In a blemish high on the right window
Revolve pale lunar fictions, breasts and leaves.

A very dark green and a very dark blue blot out the image.
We unhitch and unharness beside a patch of gravel.

-Here we will whistle for storms, for Sodoms and Solymans,
for wild beasts and armies.

(Positilion and dream horses will ride on
through more dense and suffocating groves
to sink me to my eyelids in the silken springs)

-And drive ourselves off, whipped through splashing water
and spilled drinks, to roll on the barking of bulldogs...

One breath dispels the limits of the hearth.
-------Arthur Rimbard-------

The Hanging Garden

Creatures kissing in the rain
shapeless in the dark again
in the hanging gardens
Please dont speak
in the hanging gardens
No one sleeps

Catching halos on the moon
gives my hands the shapes of angels
in the heat of hte night
the animals scream
in the heat of the night
Walling into a dream.....

Fall fall fall fall
into the walls
jump jump out of time
Fall fall fall fall
out of the sky
Cover my face as the animals cry

Creatures kissing in the rain
Shapeless in the dakr again
in a hanging garden
Change the past
in a hanging garden
Wearing furs
and masks

Fall fall fall
into the walls
Jump jump out of time
Fall Fall Fall
out of the sky
Cover my face as the animals die
in the hanging garden
------Robert Smith------

Good Night

The rabbits play no more,
the little birds are weary
the butter cups are folded up
Good night, good night my dearie.

The children in the country,
the children in the city,
Go to their beds with nodding heads-
Good night, good night my pretty.
-----Rose Fyleman------

Being Beauteous

Againest a fall of snow,a being beautiful and tall
whistlings of death and circles of faint music
Make this adored body swelling and trembling
Like a specter..rise
Black and scarlet gashesburst in the gleaming flesh
The true colors of life grow dark
Shimmer and separate
In the scaffolding around the vision

Shivering mutter and rise
and the furious taste of these effects is charged
That the world far between us hurls up at our mother of beauty...
She retreats us, she rises up...
ON THIS CANNON I mean to destroy myself
In a swirling of trees and soft air!
-----A, RimBaud-------


Here are the young men
a weight on their shoulders
Here are the young men
Well where have they been?
We knocked on all the doors
of Hell's darker chambers
Pushed to the limits
We dragged ourselves in
Watched from the wings
as the scenes were replayed
We saw ourselves
We have had seen
Portrals of the traumas and degeneration
The sorrows we suffered
and never were freed
Where have they been?

Weary inside now our hearts
Lost forever
Cant replace the fear
or the thrill of the chase
These rituals showed up the door
For our wanderings opened and shut
then slammed in our Face
Where have they been?


The Cure

"Don't look, don't look" the shadows breath,
whispering me away from you.
"Don't wake at night to watch her sleep,
you know that you will always lose
this trembling, adored, tousled bird-mad girl..."

But every night I burn, every night I call your name.
Every night I burn, every night I fall again.

"Oh, don't talk of love," the shadows purr.
Murmuring me away from you.
"Don't talk of worlds that never were.
The end is always ever true.
There's nothing you can ever say,
Nothing you can ever do..."

Still every night I burn, every night I scream your name.
Every night I burn, every night the dream's the same.

Every night I burn, waiting for my only friend.
Every night I burn, waiting for the world to end. yeah, yeah

"Just paint your face," the shadows smile.
Slipping me away from you.
"It doesn't matter how you hide.
We find you if we're wanting to.
So slide back down and close your eyes.
Sleep awhile you must be tired..."

Still every night I burn, every night I scream your name.
Every night I burn, Every night the dream's the same.

Every night I burn, screaming the animal scream
Every night I burn, dreaming the crow-black dream. yeah, yeah
Dreaming the crow-black dream...

I love thee with the breath, smiles tears of all my life..and if God choose, I shall love thee better after death