Listen to my words and listen well...for I talk of a dream...a heart...a love..a war. Listen to my sayings and you shall understand....
As we travel this road of bones and blood, we cannot..must not forget who we are. This road contains our undoing, but to travel this road we must face our nightmares, ourselves. We must come out unscathed. We are to be set to our path, but in doing so we must not loose what we are. If we do, then we are lost. To others...we are no more. We become like a dream, only this time, it becomes a nightmare.

It can't rain all the time.
Fear can make you a prisoner, hope can set you free.
Everyman dies, but not everyman truly lives.
It's not death, if you don't accept it.
Yesterday is gone, and all that remains of the past is a memory.
One dream keeps me hanging on, one dream over and over, one dream that love will find a way.
Mother is the name of God on the hearts and lips of all children.
When sorrows come, they come not in single spies, but in battalions.
I have allies in heaven and comrades in hell.
Because I could not stop for death, death kindly stopped for me.
Down with the lambs, up with the larks, run home to bed children before it grows dark.
Around the sun we go, the moon goes around the earth, we do not die of death we die of vertigo.

The CrossRoads: