Everyman dies...

Welcome to Lone Wolf's Lair

Step by step, heart to heart, left, right, left, we all fall down..just like the toy soldier. Bit by bit, torn apart..never winning..the battle rages on...for the toy soldier.
So much hides within the shadows, that the warriors no longer exist. Those who are drunk and wish to fight, are not worthy of the effort. Those who seek battle for glory are not worth the fight. Only those who seek to fight to test themselves, to better themselves. These are the warriors who are to stand on the field of battle. To you who are of those...do not go down without a fight...test your spirit, and fight into the blaze of glory. For those who's soul is so dark, destroy the demons that haunt your soul. Fight with your heart..then come onto the field of battle. To seek the sorrow, listen to the sound of vengence

ANNOUNCEMENTS My life is now a life......It sounds funny, but it is true. Out of all of this darkness, I finnally see a light at the end of the tunnel. This page is finished. It may never be touched again. It is a tribute to others, and to the battle that we have all fought. This page is done....as is...finished....it...is...over. Take care my friends.. and good journey. All the memories that are here...have found a home at last. Eventhough I move on to other projects and other battles...I know..that when I need to come back...This page is here to remind me of what I went through... to.
As we listen to the living, also to remember to listen to the voices of the past..the dead. For they know better than any of us can ever know...that what lies in truth...also lies in honor...

The CrossRoads

Dedicated to the warriors of the light, and to the angels that protect them