A shaman's chant and a wolf's howl is heard as a figure enters into the inn....his face covered by the hood of the hunter-green tunic he wears. Two weapns hang at his side. A sword and an axe. The sword is enraveled with various runes, which ornate the blade and scabbard. The axe glows a pale white, almost not noticed by many. He makes not a sound, almost like a ghost. His boots are silent an make no noise. A grey wolf follows his master to a neaby table and sits beside him. The man leans back and the light hits his face. Black hair falls about his shoulders as he looks around with black eyes that turn into slits as he looks around the room. His face is tanned with the noon sun, his face covered with various runes..some say keep him alive. For he died many years ago..but was never allowed to rest...he came back for revenge..to gain his life back anyway possible..even if he must walk over his enemies bodies to do so...

   The above is the intro and description of my character Lone Wolf. ..Lone Wolf is everything I once was and more. Lone Wolf was taken from a series of books..the name...nothing more.....Soon the name stuck to me...my friends calling me Lone Wolf so it became my call name. Lone Wolf is human..or was at one time...He is a tragic character...taking life for granted. One day he lost everything...he had a family...a wife and daughter...They were killed...and so was he. He refused to accept death and roamed the earth..a ghost. Through magicans...and villagers at a nearby town..he was given form and escaped death...a mix between life and death. He was given powers...but at a cost....He was to be a guardian of good.. He swore and after thanking the villagers, continued traveling. He travelled all over the world. He fought many opponents. He trained under many teachers..learnig about what happend to him and why. He even fought the Red..the demon known as Akuma..from the Street Fighter legend..and meet Ryu and Ken. He continued to travel , but stayed close to a realm called Ravendale. He found peace in the woods nearby...and made a home there. Here he meet Greymalkin, whom he rescued from death itself. He also meet the thief/fairy known as Blood Tears. They made many friends and many enemies at the Rivendell, the inn in Ravensdale. He traveled to many realms and to many places. Some it has been revealed is Never-Never Land, the Goblin King's Castle from Labyrinth as well as the Ivory Tower in Fantasisa

   He continued to train and fight, but soon death came back to claim what was taken from him. Lone Wolf's soul. Lone Wolf escaped death and ended up leaving Rivendell to perfect his powers. With Greymalkin and Blood Tears, they made a life for themselves. They also continued seeking revenge for what was done to Lone Wolf....As the he went along, he found those that killed him and exacted his revenge. But he refused to go back to death, just when the villagers told him too. He left them and continued to live in peace in the Wildwood ,until he meet Mystery. They fell in love.

     Lone Wolf discovered that Mystery was once evil(as was her mother). Lone Wolf went and freed them both..but it cost him so much...as he lay dying from the energy and magic he used, he started to fade away in his wife's arms...Mystery was made into an angel.. her reward for beating the evil in her, and Lone Wolf was given back his mortal body, and hired by GOD to protect two angels that had been sent to earth(the armagaddon angels). These angels were Mystery and ANGEL(my fiancee).

    Lone Wolf agreed and continued his training, beating his own personal demons and also freeing Mystery's mother from the vampire and killing him and breaking the circle that had bound them both. Lone Wolf and Mystery continued living together and soon married and were blessed with a son. Lone Wolf was granted peace of heart and mind and was told he was free of the blood lust that he fed on for so long( the souls of those beaten gave him strengh..mind you they were evil only)

   Mystery blessed Lone Wolf with a son Nathan TwoWolf. Joyed , He stopped training to become a father again. God erased his past life and granted him the power to call on the angels if needed. ( Little did Lone Wolf know that the angels were his former daughter and wife). Mystery also continued her training in magic. She was trained by a wise man from a cave nearby. He revealed that the evil that Lone Wolf had destroyed was not yet done. For it had taken on two new forms..that of the Darkchilde and the brother that had kept Mystery evil . Lone Wolf knowing what this danger was started training again. Soon the vampire's brother made his move and kidnapped Mystery and tortured her. Lone Wolf became weak, because of the cut off from Mystery. He became dark and soon the Darkchilde was formed.

When Mystery escaped..so did the Darkchilde( now a seperate being). Darkchilde is vengence come to life...he sees himself as a savior. He isnt evil, but he isnt lawful good either...he has the powers of a god. He is the alternate persona of Lone Wolf. Lone Wolf found the Darkchilde and with the help of the patrons, Lone Wolf was able to focus his life energy into a light of pure good and kill the Darkchilde.

    Lone Wolf went back to his life and will soon be blessed with two twin daughters...Lately..the old man has returned to help finish training MYstery and to reveal to Lone Wolf that his son is a chosen like he was and to protect him..for storm clouds are on the horizon.

   Those Dark Clouds turned out to be a gift that turned evil. The gift was a liquid armor. A armor that turned into whatever was needed at the time. Soon that armor became evil and swallowed Lone Wolf. The Darkchilde appeared and seemingly helped Mystery and the others to free Lone Wolf only to trick them and take the armor himself. When he took that power, the balance was upset and both God and Lucifer appeared to punish the Darkchilde. God(or Jesus) appeared and revealed to Mystery that she was to be an angel. When asked about Lone Wolf, God healed him and Lone Wolf did not thank him...but instead walked off. God revealed that he was still a wildcard and that it was up to Lone Wolf as to where he would finnally rest, for he was still stuck in between realities as a ghost..and that the guilt and rage in him kept him from gaining peace..(NOTE: The Darkchilde revealed that Lone Wolf has visisted a alternate dimension and had caused something there). With that..the Darkchilde was take to hell to be punished(originally he was to bring it to Lucifer) and all was well.

   Lately, Lone Wolf has been making preparations to go to the Dazarin plain to visit his sister(the plain is a realm outside of hell) and from there go to hell and finish what "he started". Mystery has vanished and the old man has reappeared to take Nathan with him to train. Greymalkin is now back at his master's side and follows him loyally. He has also meet with the mysterious Corvus and the Warrior/Avenging Angel AZREAL in getting new weapons for this journey.

NOW a new chapter has begun.....the part that was Lone Wolf had accepted what he was and continued to fight and assist the mortals he had grown to love. His brother and sister now worked at Mystery's castle and he was no longer needed. Lone Wolf, then meet a young girl named Gabrielle. Gabrielle was a young princess who had fallen in love with Lone Wolf. She wished to be dead so that she could stay with Lone Wolf. For she was tired of the rich life and wished to stay with him. There in that second, Lone Wolf and the part of him that had been human split. Lone Wolf gave Gabrielle death, and taught her what she needed to do to survive. But the love he had for Mystery was still there, and when he realized what has happening, he could no longer take it. He and Scott ThunderEagle split into two bodies. Scott became mortal, while Lone Wolf became immortal and now more of a spirit than anything. Scott and Lone Wolf became two seperate enitities and each carried out the aspect of the one. Scott went to Mystery and loved her while Lone Wolf went with Gabrielle and took her as his student and to this day teaches her the secrets he knows. Scott has become a father now and is working on being accepted fully by Mystery and his children. Lone Wolf is becoming more and more affectionate towards Gabrielle but he still keeps his distance for she seems to eager to learn to fast.....

   Now it is the time of retribution. Lone Wolf's clothes have changed, his cloak is now blood red, as is his hood. He carries no weapons save the Soul Stealer. His face now covered in runes. He has become more engimatic, and fights only those who present a challenge. Lately the power that has occured in the rivendell has upsurped the balance now and the newborns are in danger because they possess their parents power. Many of his friends are fighting off beings and the constant undead...some old friends that died, others are for the power. Lone Wolf has sent Garet Jax, Jago, and the Darkchilde to protect and help ThunderEagle and defend his children, since they possess both his and ThunderEagle's power. Lone Wolf has meet one of the demons that seek the power and fought him....his name was the Red...or better known as Akuma. He has assumed that Gabrielle and Mystery are dead...killed by the undead that constantly rise. Even the evil Algeroth has sided to prevent the destruction of the plane he wishes to rule. His rage now grows and now being no longer chained and prohibited by emotions, he fights on a suicidal mission.

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