A shaman's chant and a wolf's howl is heard as a figure enters into the inn....his face covered by the hood of the hunter-green tunic he wears. Two weapns hang at his side. A sword and an axe. The sword is enraveled with various runes, which ornate the blade and scabbard. The axe glows a pale white, almost not noticed by many. He makes not a sound, almost like a ghost. His boots are silent an make no noise. A grey wolf follows his master to a neaby table and sits beside him. The man leans back and the light hits his face. Black hair falls about his shoulders as he looks around with black eyes that turn into slits as he looks around the room. His face is tanned with the noon sun, his face covered with various runes..some say keep him alive. For he died many years ago..but was never allowed to rest...he came back for revenge..to gain his life back anyway possible..even if he must walk over his enemies bodies to do so...

As Lone Wolf continued to live, he fought many wars, both againest Heaven and Hell. As he fought, he learned that he was beyond being a simple soul. He left the body he was in and went on to find Gabrielle. She returned to him and stayed with him. But she grew beyond him, and soon left on her own. He let her go and went back to the Ravensdale. He soon became friends with Black Magic and they became lovers. He went on to develop his powers and soon he became known as the Guardian of the Realm. Not seeing Magic enough, he left himself to become lost in his work. He created THE REVELATION and hired him to make the archives and to keep up with the history of the Ravensdale. He fought the Darkchilde again and beat him down, freeing himself of the evil in him. He soon became involved in the Void storyline and has discovered many shocking things about himself. He freed what he thought were his wife and daughter after finnally saving them and let them go. Only to discover that his wife had been with him the whole time as the Creation ANGEL. He now looks for her, and has destroyed the Darkchilde once and for all. He has now a lair in a realm thought lost. With the Void, Lone Wolf has had to become a God to keep the balance in the Ravensdale, since the Elder God's abandoned the realm. He has fought every step of the way, until being mortally wounded at the hands of the new general Shinnok. Shinnok's connection to Lone Wolf is unknown, but the rage fueling Shinnok wounded the soft heart of Lone Wolf. Knowing this, Lone Wolf sought to regain strength in the Rivendell tavern but found a friend in trouble. Standing his ground, and bleeding, Lone Wolf died in the place known as his first home, despite the efforts of Waverly, Gwenfyar and Howler. He returned to abandon the form he was in, and became mortal, seeking a disguise in the being known as THE FALLEN RAGE.
He has returned as Lone Wolf with more power than EVER and now seeks Shinnok for the final confrontation. He destroyed Shinnok, and the Void along with the help of the other heroes. He has returned to assume the role of elder god until they return..or new gods can be found. They soon returned and Lone Wolf returned to help rebuild and bury old friends. He soon found a love...in the name of Mia WindSea...and he is determined not to loose her .