Well, the man behind the mask of all this....hard to say. Some think he is the character he plays in the RPG rooms. Others say is is a computer genius. Some know me as a martial artist. Others just know a shadow. I am not going to claim or disvow any of this. But it is me and I guess I have a say so in all this too.....Well here goes.

   Born Jon Scott Platts.......on March 11 1977. A stormy night....all was quiet and I pierced the night with my scream of being born.....Isnt that how it always starts......I went to a nearby school called Allendale Academy. There I learned of life..love...and cuddies. I was in the time of Star Wars(which I hate by the way) and the age when boys did not come near girls for fear of the cuddies epidemic. I enjoyed those golden days and continued to live life to the fullest.

   Then life came tumbling down as I was made to move from all my friends and go to another school. I had always been the book worm....staying in the shadows...watching and waiting. I taught myself values...raised on King Arthur and Ivanhoe. I guess you could say from there Lone Wolf was created. I learned much of the outside world and sought to see it...but I hid within the shell I had...never wanting to come out. Afraid of the sunlight......

   From there I went on a whirlwind with a aunt of mine...seeing the world and making friends. I traveled alot...and loved it...and learning various martial arts...and competing when I got a chance I took it to the next level...concentrating using what I knew of the martial arts chi and gained a peace I had never known before....then that world was destroyed as well....when a friend of mine....I take that back....A sister I had never had died....She was the one I first fell in love with, but soon after..I felt nothing but rage and continued fighting more and more...obsessed to exact me revenge...I started on a journey to find out what I was...who I was...and what I could be. I learned that I was indeed Native American and that I had a name...Scott ThunderEagle...I adopted this name but only to myself and my friends....I studied...learning of life...feeding the shadows...becoming more of what I had desired all along....a life of the warrior. I continued fighting...then stopped and started drawing..and then poetry...I learned that I was good at these as well. I became sort of seperated from my parents....watching and learning on my own...instead of following them...I watched movies and came to love some such as Aliens....The Crow...Indiana Jones...and the like. I also saw that I liked comic books and video games and learned well of these.

   My favorites became The Crow, Prophet, and Azreal....as well as Batman..Wetworks and now Spawn. My favorite bands were U2, Enigma, The Cranberries, Iced Earth, various composers, any techno bands, Sister Machine Gun, KMFDM, The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, and other bands that had a rage to it. I took to the fighting video games such as Street Fighter and the X-men COTA. I have beaten them all and have also started on many others..feeding my obsession with the fight. I also saw myself in Ryu and Ken, Akuma, Wolverine, Gambit and Cyclops(my friends tease me about that one). I did not know I was Native American until I looked at a historic book that my family kept...When I started to learn about it...it set me apart from my family..they did not want to live in the past. I continued studing and learned many things(see heritage page). I soon ended up in High school and then college. I meet a wonderful girl..soon became my fiancee...Her name is Margaret Houck. I became more of a philosopher now...poet as well...learning to get back to my roots...be what I was supposed to be..and stop hiding what I am....

You can find me on ICQ if you want...my number is 3303161. I go under the name of Lone Wolf, and also I have ICS now and you can find me in the Hexen chat rooms, the street fighter chat rooms or in the one that I go to mutant discussion. Also I post in the x-men newsgroups and the news group alt.sf2. Look around..the wolf is all over the place. Also you can find me in the X-War's page. click here if you really want to see a Me

Top Ten Favorite Movies
10. The Wraith
9. FreeJack and Young Gun's 2
8. Army Of Darkness
7. Highlander 3
6. Transformers:The Movie
5. DragonHeart
4. The Crow:City of Angels
3. Bed of Roses
2. The Crow

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