Long ago...for many years..white man came in the name of God...they took our land...they took our smiles...A new era had just begun...for liberty was standing in chain..and as we looked up we could see the Cross of Change--Enigma
I did not know it..till I looked it up..tis hard to believe all that the ancestors went through. They, with their own blood made this world, yet..tis so sad..to still see the Cross of change. I proudly call the Cherokee, or any Native Americans..whether it be the Crow..Sioux..what ever..I proudly call them my people. So we are bonded by blood...and by tears. Below are some links that tell of us...and our story..think about the world we live in..then go up to the Chief and thank him...

Native American Links

A native american page that tells of us..and what you are doing to the land..and how it will affect us and you.Click Here

What..you thought that Native Americans were not on the net..If I am here..so are my people..find them on the webHere
Find out about who we are..what we are..what we believe...HERE