STYLE-Bushin Ninjitsyu

Guy's command of ninjitsu fuels his belief that he is a descendant of a ninja. An intelligent fighter, Guy balances street smarts with the ninjitsu tradition to create a unique combination of strength and calculation. Instrumental in the downfall of the Mad Gear crime ring, Guy trounces evil wherever it lurks.

Guy was once apart of the infamous Mad Gear gang. Seeing though that it led down the wrong path, Guy left the Mad Gear gang and soon met up with Cody and wrestler turned Mayor Haggar. Soon after, the Mad Gear gang attacked. Wanting to help, Guy was instramental in the destruction of the Mad Gear Gang.

After taking down the gang, Guy left his new friends in Metro City and traveled the Street Fighter Circuit. Soon he entered the Second Tournament(SFA). Entering it, he discovered many fighters, some better than he was. He fought hard and made his way to find Bison. He fought the crime lord and beat him to a stand still. Bison was impressed , but Guy was not. Guy left Bison with a insult, saying that he could have been a great man if he had not turned evil. He left him to his conscience.

Guy went back to Japan and continued to train with his teacher, starting a mock rivalry between the two.(it is a rule that there can only be one Bushin Master at one time) Guy continued to fight, and soon was given a letter by his girlfriend Maki. He had met Maki in Japan while traveling. She came to like the boy with the sharp eye( a eye that shows dislike for every one)(a trait that Zeku his teacher liked) He read how she had been kidnapped by the Mad Gear gang. She had been rescued by Cody and the rest of the gang. Swearing that he would finish the Mad Gear gang, he heard that Kitana and Rolento were in the Third Street Fighter tournament, searching for those to recruit Guy entered the tournament, beating both Rolento and Kitana, with the help of Ryu. Thanking Ryu, he left to fight Zeku again. Beating him, he returned to Metro City to find it under siege. Teaming with his friends and a mysterious street fighter, they destroyed this new threat. With that done, Guy disappeared in the shadows, and took Maki with him.



Flying Elbow: D + Strong Punch(In air)
Flip Kick: Df + Roundhouse Kick


Bushin-senpuu-kyaku (Whirlwind Kick): D, Db, B + Kick
Hou-zan-to: D, Db, B + Punch
Run: D, Df, F + Short Punch
Haya-gake (Dashing Crescent): D, Df, F + Roundhouse + Kick
Bushin-izuna-otoshi (Air Suplex): D, Df, F + Punch + Punch


Bushin-hassou-ken: D, Df, F, D, Df, F + Punch x 1-3
Bushin-gou-rai-kyaku (Shadow Barrage): D, Df, F, D, Df, F + Kick x 1-3 


1. Guy folds his arms

2. Guy stands in a pose with two fingers up and says: "Waruku Omouna." (Don't take it personally.)

3. Guy turns his back to the screen, slashes with his hand and says: "Korezo, Bushinryu." (This is...
You can't beat, what you can't touch
You are so OutClassed!!
Don't worry, everyone looses to me
Shouldn't you be crawling to a hospital by now?


GUY:Now I am ready!! After years of practice, Guy has found his power.
GUY: You could have been a great man. A great warrior if you had tried harder Bison. I leave
you to your conscience.
BISON:......You will pay for that insult day.

Guy once again fights Bison, beating him.
GUY: I've got it...I have found the inner secret!!
With driving force, Guy brings new life to the old Bushin style.
ZEKU:You have tapped the power, my pupil.
ZEKU:Remember my son, that Bushin is only a name. Do not be impressed by
the name and you will be truly strong. Fighting styles are not handed down, but something
GUY:Master, you once told be a master, I must overcome every obstacle. The time has COME!!
ZEKU:Do you stake your life on it??

There is no hatred in the faces of the Master and his disciple, on the spirit and fighting power of facing a worth