"Focus the mind, cleanse the soul, keep sight of my target, focus dont loose it now, be prepared for the unexpected, concentrate, mind and body as one, achieve tranquility through movement, integrate spirit and flesh, channel the power, focus the mind, cleanse the soul, release that which is negative, seperate darkness from light, mind and body as one, create yourself, oneness with the heavens, learn strenght through gentleness, through gentleness, strengh will prevail. What do you see beyond your fist?!!!!!

As I sit here, looking over the dawn, I see in mortals the weapons of war. Though I have beaten my darkness, I still see it below. Here I descend among them, ready to fight. For my battle is over, but the war still rages on. I draw my sword, and prepare to cleanse the evil from this plain of existence. I look around and see warriors of the light gathering, and here I join among them to fight the darkness forever more.
To those of you, who seek the worthy opponent...come...enter the World Warrior webring...it awaits to embrace those of true heart, skill, mind..and soul. To you who are of the spirit and the dream...seek out those who are a challenge...fight not for glory..but fight for the fight...for it is all...Click hereto join the ranks....

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For our fight is not with the flesh, but againest the ideals, principalities and demons of this dark realm:Ephesians 6:12

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