Here are those who are of the cyber Tribe. The cyber Tribe was a group of cyber punks that hung out at my old college. We formed together and am now pretty big. We have about 20-30 members there and at USC aiken. There are many of us..but those below are the elite. See if you can find us on the net. If you do...we might let you join. Not seen here are Little Devil, Akuma, Lord Nikkon, Daddy Sacs, Koresh, Mafia man, Lickable Honey, as well as the serial killers.
Lord and Lady Cyan were the original members of the Cyber Tribe when it first started out. They met over at the chatline La Hotel and became good friends. Soon they met each other..and then well love took it's course...Isnt love grand?
Lady Cyan's homepage
Lord Cyan here is from Boston, I believe. He and Lady Cyan meet over a chatline. He came down to meet her. Love at first site. We became good friends and started up the cybertribe. He taught me alot about how to build homepages and hacking and stuff. If you need something let him know.
Lord Cyan's Magic Portals
Well, well...Chocolate of my best friends..Also one of the founding members of the Cyber Tribe. We worked alot on our homepages together teaching each other things as we went along. She hangs out in The LA HOTEL CHAT. Go see if you can find her...she also is a member of the serial killers. When you see her..ask her why she is called Chocolate Deluxe.
Chocolate Deluxe's "Chocolate City"
The members of the band Fluid are apart of the Cyber Tribe. They decided to put up a page..and asked the tribe for help. We showed them how and here is the product. The band is real good and you ought to try to catch one of their concerts. They even have a tape out.(and no dirty jokes, its the name of the band!!)
The Band known as FLUID
Brandon AKA Remy Lebeau..earned the name the Crow. He knows everything about it..(no surprise his page is too). Also a founding member he added the Gothic touch to the pages in the cyber tribe. You can find him everywhere..including the LA HOTEL CHAT. He and his fiancee Susan hang out at the LRC and play around on the net. If you like the Crow and comic books..this is the guy to see. Remy LeBeau's Homepage