This is a page that I hope will clear up the mysteries of the characters of the Azreal series. This will tell what motivates and what may happen with the characters down the line..a sort of predictions.
Azreal/Jean Paul Valley-Having been raised from birth and before to be Azreal, we all know that there is no way that the two will be seperated. They are like a symbiote. They need each other to exist. Jean Paul is the bumbling teenager but he is learning the ways of the world. I dont know if that is good or bad for him though. He already knows love, and how it feels to loose love. This may not help him. He may revert back to when Lilthy tried to kiss him and he ran away. Azreal,on the other hand, may grow stronger. As Jean Paul learns, so does Azreal. Azreal is the superhero, yes, but he could be seen as the dark superhero. In my opinion, Azreal, if with total control and enough experience, could take out Batman and many of the other enemies in the DC universe. I see the only real problem in Jean Paul's life is his love life, choosing between Oracle(my vote) or Talia.
Brian Bryan- Our favorite Psycologist. Now that he is cured of his alcohol problem, he may continue to be the sidekick, opposite of Nomoz. You could almost call Brian and Nomoz, not the jokers, but the balance in Azreal's life. Brian tells Azreal of the way of the good, while Nomoz leads him astray and continues to teach him the ways of the Order. I think Brian may go back to being a psycologist and return to his life in the end.
Lilthy-Now here is a study in character!! Lilthy when we first saw her,was a villan, but not a evil one. Just one in a good position. As she progressed, you saw her learn the ways of the world. And I do mean that. She kissed Nightwing, explored a Vanity Fair type store, and went out with Luc. And one can only imagine what she did with him. Now she wants Jean Paul to help her. I think she will use him, to get what she wants. Old Jeal Paul will be just the one to do it...Poor Jean. I dont know whether it is stupidity or not, or maybe lovesick, but he needs to wake up. I think he took his first step when he left her to go after Bane.
Nomoz-Seven Dwarfs this aint!! Now that the Order is gone, and the other dwarfs are gone, Nomoz is stuck with Jean Paul. He choose to serve Jean Paul since he is the only Azreal left, and the dwarfs serve the Azreals. nomoz will always be the Order's voice in what to do in matters, and always opposing Brian. Last seen falling off a boat, it remains to be seen whether he will continue to be Azreal's mentor. I think Nomoz is going to become a sort of Yoda in the way he is developing.
Batman-Oh boy this is a hard one. I think Batman is as close as Azreal will get to a father figure. Lately Azreal has been asking for help. He looks up to Batman in that Jean Paul wants to be just like him. Only problem is..Azreal. Batman sees this and helps him, but brings him no closer than need be. Batman knowns that he is to blame for what is happening to Jean Paul, but Batman is no father figure in his own eyes. I think Batman is going to continue being the Taskmaster that he is and continue to train Azreal and keep an eye on him.
Oracle and Talia-The love interests of Jean Paul. In one corner you have Oracle. The former Batgirl, now turned info supplier and internet. I wonder who pays for all that internet time? Anyway, It has been seen that Jean Paul could handle Oracle, heck internet love works..why not this. Oracle has also shown interest in Jean Paul, by asking him about how he feels about girls, if he has a girlfriend and such. I think I would go for the good girl in this matter. Talia, on the other hand, is the daughter of Ra Ah Ghul. Talia has also shown an interest in Azreal, but it could only be like Lilthy in that she would use Jean Paul. Originally they could have gotten together, until it was discovered that Jean Paul is half animal. Talia also loved Batman one time. It is also shown that that love is still there. If Talia knows about the connection he has, she may use Jean Paul to get to Batman.