Her name is Margaret Marie Houck. And she is truly an angel. We met in fifth grade. I was introduced after meeting one of her friends...and I must say...I believe in love..Soon after we started going together via a blind date to the prom.(let me say now..I am not one for penguins) From there we have been together ever since....about seven years now.
Though I will admit she is smarter than me, and stronger than me, I still love her. She has brown hair..the cutest smile and greenish blue eyes. She may have somethings like strength and smarts on me, but I can still out run her and out tickle her,. I dont know what I did to deserve a woman like this, but God must have seen me in something serious to send this Angel to me. I thank him every night for this present...and I hope she will stay with me all my life I love you so much Margaret. Never forget that.... Margaret is majoring (lemme see if I got this right) double major in physics and biology and a chemical something or another..and hopes to be a bio-engineer, while I am going to be majoring in fine arts..you tell guess who will be making the big bucks. She is so kind to all that she meets. She is very smart(has to be for her major SHEESH) and very caring. She loves nature as well as I do and has the wit to go with it. I feel so much joy when I am with her to where I am convinced sometimes that it has to be a dream or magic. There is a peace around me that I do not know when I am in her arms...and for that I wish to be there all the time. I love her so much..hopefully I will be able to put a pic up of us soon.....Love you baby....

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For we know not why angels are among us...but those that find us..we must love with all our heart