The Forces of Light

============================================================================ Sting- Our hero. Once a fan favorite, the man known as Hogan fooled the fans by making All think that Sting had gone NWO. Telling Hogan to stick it, Sting left, only to return at Uncensored as the engimatic hero we know now. Testing the souls of the WCW wrestlers, Sting went on to make an army to fight the NWO. Sting with the face of white and black, dressed in black with the baseball bat, has appeared out of nowhere, dropping out of the sky, to rescue other wrestlers from the NWO. Sting went on to challenge Hogan. Sting beat Hogan at Starcade and recently at Superbrawl. The war seems to be over....
Macho Man Randy Savage-A "LOST" Soul. Once a part of WCW, MM was made to come to the NWO to regain his beloved lady Elizabeth. Going insane and temporarily going with NWO, MM has become unstable and has now started fighting againest the NWO with the rest of WCW, particularly with Luger and Sting. He is to face Hogan at Uncensored to end the curse of Hogan and get revenge for all that was done to him.
Lex Luger- Beloved friend of Sting. These two have fought it out, and have also been on each other's side. They now watch each other's back, teaming to destroy the NWO. Luger and Savage fought, but became friends when it was realized that MM was fighting the NWO as well. Together at SuperBrawl, they fought off the NWO together back to back.
The Giant- Also a ally to the WCW team, The Giant was once a part of the NWO, but once he saw how evil the NWO was, he turned his back on them and joined the forces of WCW. Recently he was injured by Kevin Nash with a powerbomb and was in the hospital. The Giant came back, wanting only Nash at a Nitro show. The Giant is to settle the matter once and for all. Nash was recently Powerbombed by the Giant...on nitro
DDP- Rescued by Sting from the NWO, DDP has gone on to be a thorn in the NWO's back. Appearing from no where, he has helped WCW many a time, helping the Giant, Luger and Sting at times. ============================================================================

The Forces of the New World Order

============================================================================ HollyWood Hulk Hogan-Once the most loved wrestler of all time, Hogan turned his back on his fans, and became the leader of the NWO. Robbing Sting of his fans, Hogan went on to amass an army of wrestlers calling themselves the New World Order. Hogan went on to kidnap Savage's female companion and force him into the NWO. Hogan has gone on to fight Sting, and lost twice. The Leader is falling...and the NWO with him.
The Outsiders-Scott Hall and Kevin Nash- The enforcers of the NWO. Tag team title holders, these two were also once crowd favorites until showing up to form the basis of the NWO. Together with Hogan, they went on to recruit other wrestlers. Nash beat the Giant, while Hall has fought many of the WCW wrestlers. They are the basis of the NWO and without them and Hogan...there would be no NWO.
Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton-Once a tag team, they joined the NWO and have gone on to become a most hated pair. Ussually followed in by Vincent, they have both the muscle and brain to fight. Buff is known for his posing and has fought Luger to see who has the best body. Buff lost, and has done so before, because of his vanity in the ring. Norton is a pawn...nothing more in the battle, ussually seen hiding in the shadows until needed.
Eric Bischoff-The unoffical leader of the NWO and executive chairman of the WCW. Having been stripped of his power, Eric has gone on to suck up to Hogan, always at his side. Eric recently fought the Living Legend Larry Zabiscoff and lost. Eric has continued to spout lies and hope that the NWO does not fall down around his head.
Curt Henning and Rick Rude- Both once favorites, Rude coming from the WWF, and Curt once a Four Horseman. Going traitor and almost destroying the Four Horseman, Curt went on to become a pawn in the NWO as well, along with his friend Rick Rude. Curt recently was challenged by Bret Hart to fight.

Those caught in the Crossfire

============================================================================ Bret Hart-A popular athlete in both worlds, he challenged Henning to fight him to see who is the best. Bret was responsible for both Erik loosing to Zabisco and Sting winning over Hogan at StarCade. Both times he was referee and was the cataylst to the NWO's formula for winning. He has been put on Hogan's hitlist, while Hart has put Hogan on his.
Ric Flair-The loyal wrestler of WCW. The dirtiest player in the sport. A very honorable man. Flair was the leader of the Four Horseman, until he was betrayed by Henning. Almost beaten to death by the NWO, Flair fought them off and went on to beat Henning in a grudge match. Flair has gone on to join forces with Bret Hart and Sting in beating the NWO.
The Steiner Brothers-Rick and Scott Steiner. Brothers who have has to battle the Outsiders over and over for the tag belts. Scott Steiner has become a traitor lately and has left Rick in disgrace. Scott joined the NWO and beat up on his own brother. Rick recently came back and made it clear that Scott would not escape his vengence.......
WCW-This whole company is involved in the war between the forces of light and darkness. Everyone from JJ Dillon to various wrestlers like Booker T have all fought the NWO at one time or another.

The Latest News in the War between the NWO and WCW

============================================================================ Rumors are going both ways over who will win between Sting and Macho
With Nash and the Wolf Pack breaking off, expect the NWO to get a butt load of members
Macho Man is not fighting the NWO, he is fighting Hogan for leadership
Syxx reappeared last night on RAW
Look for Sting to become alot more "powerful"

The Latest Rumors from the War

============================================================================ Get something Straight...with Nash and Macho..they are fighting Hogan..not NWO
Note that the Giant is still here.
The Sting and Hogan fight is over...for now.....
Expect Rick to beat Scott sometime soon at a pay per view.
Expect either one of two things from Sting. 1. Stay with the Crow face until the destruction of the NWO, which looks to be soon, or 2. go back to the way he was and destroy them that way.

My Comments on The WAR

============================================================================ Ok,so they are going to stretch it out, but what pisses me off is three things. One, Sting is the champ yet for the past two ppvs he hasnt been the Main event..what gives? Sting is the champ and the main reason WCW is still there...Watch your step Sting...WCW might have it out for you... Another thing is the NASH, Hall, Syxx, Macho deal...Syxx is gone to WWF...Hall is in Drug REhab, and Nash...and Macho..who knows what is going on with them?? Last thing..latest issue of WCW the article about Sting and the WCW and I think you will agree with it..