Sting's Theme/Poem from Clash of the Champions Nice poem, very Crow Like
The Song "Holding out for a Hero used for Sting" Love this song!!!
Sting's theme song without the words Like this one too..very gothic
The Mood right now for Sting Danger Zone from Top Gun..Hey it fits
Cool Unknown Song Seems to Fit Sting....

Excellent Sting Video Shows the history of the Crow Sting
Sting Dropping the Stuff" During the Sting clone fiasco
Sting Being asked What he Wants Like this one
Sting Appearing from the Clone fiasco This one is COOL
Sting Dropping from the Rafters Sting's Cool Entrance
Sting Video shown on Nitro" AWESOME VIDEO with the poem as background
Sting Dropping Bishoff Love this one
Sting saving DDP Love this one
Sting Saying he wants Hogan Sting holding up sign saying he wants Hogan
The StarCade Comercial Nice Errie Effect
Sting at UnCensored Sting Coming down for the first time
Sting cleaning house on Nitro Sting Taking on the whole NWO