Long ago, I became interested in a legend. This legend was the legend of THE CROW. As I watched and looked on, I became a part of that legend. Long had I been a wrestling fan. I knew of Sting and what had happened. When he dropped from the rafters, with the face of the Crow, I knew that another legend had been born. Sting adopted the Crow legend, and it fit. Compare the Crow legend to the Poem you heard at the Clash. I hope Sting will destroy the evil NWO and continue to be the Spirit of VENGENCE!!!
This page is dedicated to the Man called Sting. I have only really gotten into following him. I use too alot, I have always liked him. He was THE GOOD GUY in WCW. He proved it both in and out of the ring. I have always liked the "dark" characters such as The UnderTaker and such, for even though they are born of the Darkness...they fight for the light. When the NWO was born, they took over like some evil army, destroying all and taking out Sting, by taking away his greatest strength...his fans. When Sting returned, he returned with a face very familiar with me. I had been a BIG fan of the Crow. It stands for alot, vengence, sorrow. Seeing that face, or a resemblence of that face on Sting, I knew that he had returned with a vengence. This is when I began to follow him more and more. Sting has become the enigmatic good guy that I like, the one that walks on the edge, and has seen the darkness and has chosen to fight it, rather than embrace it..and that evil has a name...It is Hollywood Hulk Hogan.
Well....my journey on this road was short...but sweet. Every source that I hear...tells me that Sting is returning to his old self. NO longer is he the spirit of vengence. Course..the Crow did not stay that way either. It is becoming harder and harder for me to keep up with wrestling. The links I have here should help those who want to keep up the fight. As for me..I am fading away...and am going to disappear back into the rafters...waiting for the Sting that I knew and loved...to return...Take care all...

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